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We are pleased to announce our association with Indian Tools Manufacturers.

Indian Tool Manufacturers (ITM) are a Divison of Zenith Birla (India) Ltd, part of the Yash Birla Group which was founded in 1937.

ITM produce an extensive range of High Speed Steel Cutting Tools in various grades, M2, M35, M42 & T42. The range comprises Drills, Mills, Reamers & Taps both in DIN standards and specials made to drawing. These are produced in two plants, Nashik plant where mainly special tools are produced to customer specification and Aurangabad plant where standard catalogue and DIN standards tools are produced.

The factories only use HSS steel imported from Europe, they hold ISO 9001:2000 certification and offer quality products at competitive prices.

We at Cutahurst do not hold any stock in the UK, we act as their agents arranging for shipments direct to the customer. If required, we can hold stock at our warehouse in the UK for programmed monthly orders.

For quotes for special drill, mill, end mill, cutters and reamers, please let us have drawings.


Click image to visit the India Tool web site.


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