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We are always looking to develop and re-manufacture new parts for the Mini.

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MAGNOM PRE-FILTER for the Classic MINI Car


CUTAHURST LIMITED in partnership with FLUID CONDITIONING SYSTEMS has produced a specially designed Magnom filter for use in the CLASSIC MINI CAR.

The MAGNOM filter, as currently used in Formula 1 and Moto GP, is a revolutionary product in advanced fluid technology. Through its unique patented design it removes contaminant particles of less than one micron. This includes the smallest and most abrasive particles that are responsible for the destructive chain reaction of wear on engine and gearbox components.

The MAGNOM filter for the MINI fits between the existing Oil Filter Head and Spin-on Filter canister and is very easily installed, requiring no modification to the car.

Unlike conventional filters the MAGNOM functions without producing a pressure drop. It has no moving parts and can function in a diverse range of fluid pressures, temperatures and flow rates. As the fluid flows through the MAGNOM'S field effect areas, ferrous contaminants are drawn into special collection zones. These zones hold significantly more contaminant than a conventional filter - without obstructing fluid flow or risking "wash-off". Therefore the MAGNOM can operate for very long periods without service and -when contaminants need to be removed - is easily cleaned and re-used.

Alloy Accelerator Pedal

We have manufactured the Mini accelerator pedal in diecast aluminium to fit all Mini's from 1959 onwards. The pedal is supplied with 2 fitting brackets, a narrow one for early Minis with GPR104 pedal rubbers and a wide one for later Minis with GPR107 pedal rubbers.

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Please note - we only supply wholesale trade customers.

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